PR’s or Lack Thereof

So I’m getting closer and closer to my powerlifting meet (March 17) and I’m starting to contemplate my openers. Additionally I’m still a few pounds over for my class (181) but I’m getting there and I have over 2.5 weeks to do it, no sweat.

Today I was supposed to pull 220kg for a triple but my body had other plans- I only got a double. GRRRRR. Let the excuses start- it was early, I was tired, not enough caffeine, too much caffeine, wrong shoes, wrong music, wrong insert whatever insignificant thing here. Point is, I let the weight win. I was pissed, but then I took a step back and had an objective view….

220kg for a double is still pretty good for a 181’er. I’m only planning on opening with 227.5kg anyway so I’m right on point and that’s fine. Additionally if I would have hit the third rep- so what? Does that change my opener? Nope. Is it a new PR? Nope. So why the fuss? Chalk it up as an off day and move on. No big deal.

Now I’m about to head off to the lab to do less fun things than lifting heavy weights. This makes me appreciate being able to even lift period. I hope you also enjoy your time spent in the gym because a lot of other things in life just plain suck, your training shouldn’t be one of them!


PS- here is a video of me and my buddy squatting from the other week:

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