Weekend Review- Reading List

Something new I thought I’d start doing is put up a reading list of cool articles, blogs, and things I’ve come along during the week. I read a ton of stuff- some good, some bad- and figured some of you might be interested in what I’m perusing at the moment. I’ll limit it to my top 10 from the week so maybe this stuff actually gets read! Time to flex your brain muscle.


1. http://www.robbwolf.com/2012/03/14/red-meat-part-healthy-diet/ 

Robb Wolf tackles this week’s media indictment of red meat as being unhealthy. Excellent read. Study up, folks. If you’re eating well I’m sure somebody is going to try and bust you with this study being pushed by the mainstream media.

2 http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/fat_loss_and_tman_bullets 

Nate Miyaki offers concise nutrition bullet points that everyone should get something out of. Respect.


Living legend, Dan John, talks about goal setting. He’s all over the place- as usual- but makes some pretty good points and has some nice quotable phrases for all you pinterest peeps.

4 http://www.70sbig.com/blog/2012/03/hahd-werk/

Simply an excellent article on working hard by Justin L. over at 70’s big.

5 http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/full_squats_or_not

Olympic lifting and strength coach legend, Tommy Suggs, reviews Karl Klein’s classic article that many cite when claiming deep squats are bad for the knees. Tommy actually spent some time with Klein so the quotes, excerpts, and explanations are a worthwhile read.

6 http://cathletics.com/blog/blog.php?blogID=1701

Catalyst Athletic’s blogger Matt Foreman gets it right when things go wrong. Loved this article.

olympic weightlifting, weightlifting, snatch, clean, jerk

7 http://jasonferruggia.com/50-renegade-nutrition-rules/

A nice compilation of nutrition bullet points to get yer’ butt back in gear!

PS- Jason is pretty swole too. ‘Mirin.

8 http://basbarbell.blogspot.com/2012/03/protein-its-not-just-for-muscles.html

Dr. Wagner (squatted 799) provides some info on protein metabolism and upper limit for absorption. This dude should be on mythbusters.

9 http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2012/02/by-2606-us-diet-will-be-100-percent.html

Cool read about what the numbers say about our consumption of sugar as a nation.

10 Sweet video! Duh, I’m a nerd at heart. This stuff about the NASA program gets me going. Maybe I can go into space medicine!

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