Weekend Reading List III

Alright so my interwebz is on the fritz so I’m doing this week’s reading list from my phone. One of the links is a sweet video documentary and another is a cool podcast. Hope you enjoy!

1)How to build a beating heart

How cool is this? What an awesome video and it’s interesting to see where medicine can take us.

2) You’ll never be perfect

Just lift the weight! Nuff said.

Here is a video of Jess getting it right.

3) Functional exercises?

Bret Contreras normally writes good stuff but I think this isn’t one of them. To advise people to use less effective methods to train instead of learning proper technique THEN adding intensity is just mind-boggling. Read anyway.

4) Is your fitness guru legit?

Awesome funny article from the angry coach at elitefts.

5) Cool Recipe

Get your swagger on in the kitchen. PS I made chocolate dipped candied bacon this weekend. Here it is….

6) How to partition nutrients into muscle

Cool read.

7) Cool cardio routines

Something different for your conditioning!

8) Postural fun

Cool read on postural deficits and correcting them.

9) Real talk with Jim Wendler

10) Interview with Dr. Tim Zeigenfuss

interesting interview with one of Biotest’s lead researchers for supplements.

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An aspiring physician, I've been involved in the strength and conditioning world for over 5 years now in a professional sense. I started this blog with some like-minded individuals to share our thoughts on training, nutrition, lifestyle, medicine, health, and everything in between.

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