Weekend Reading List- Part V

1) How to lower the bar in the clean/jerk/snatch

2) Dan John- “One Goal at a Time”

3) Boulders for Shoulders – Pre Exhaustion by Bob Kennedy (father of bodybuilding)

4) Mark Rippetoe on Olympic Weightlifting

5) Road Work by Anthony Mychal

6) An Old Friend and The Underground by Jim Steel

7) Recovery from a Ruptured Patellar Tendon

8) Golf, Sport, and CFFB by John Welbourn

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About thefitcoach

An aspiring physician, I've been involved in the strength and conditioning world for over 5 years now in a professional sense. I started this blog with some like-minded individuals to share our thoughts on training, nutrition, lifestyle, medicine, health, and everything in between.

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