Update + Food Matters

Hey everyone, in case you were wondering where I’ve been here is what I’ve been up to:

-Master’s Thesis Defense Prep (it’s next week)

-USAPL Raw Nationals Prep (August 4th-current BW= 180.9, Squat 440 x 1-1-1, Bench (paused) 325 x 1-1-1, DL-550


-Writing an article for Starting Strength

In addition to all that, here is a little something I just wrote down because I was thinking about it…

“Basically, calories matter, macronutrients matter, and food quality probably matters, depending on the application. Nutrient timing has just enough research supporting and rebuking it that only the consistent trends seen in anecdotal reports have swayed me to even mention is as being moderately important. Each of these nutritional characteristics, calories, macros, food quality, and timing, has fanatics that won’t rest until you believe that it’s all about what that particular thing they believe in. I say let’s just use it all intelligently and appropriately to formulate a smart eating template to help you get where you get where you want to go instead of arguing on bodybuilding.com over semantics and Journal of Clinical Nutrition abstracts read on PubMed.”

So when it comes to your own food choices, let’s use all of the available data to make informed decisions. The best thing you can do TODAY is to buy a composition journal, a food scale, and some measuring cups and download the MyFitnessPal app (it’s free). If you’re brand new to all of this then don’t worry about it, just start writing down what you eat in your brand new composition journal. The rest of you, weigh and measure what you’re taking in for 2 weeks. See how many calories you’re eating and what amounts of protein, carbs, and fats you’re getting. I’m not suggesting you have to do this forever, but we need some sort of idea where you are at currently and I don’t think it’s too intrusive to actually weigh and measure the stuff. Other coaches advocate using a fraction of your plate for certain types of foods or using “fist-sized” portions, because weighing and measuring is too nerdy or time consuming. Well it seems to me that these options also require effort to do but don’t provide anything even remotely accurate in the way of data. So yea, weigh and measure your stuff for two weeks then we can talk about adjusting macros, calories, and conditioning to get you your desired results.

Post your totals to the comments and I’ll give some guidance if you wish!

I’ll be back really soon 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Update + Food Matters

    • Oh me too. I’d probably have you start somewhere in the 2800-3100 range on average throughout the week based on what I know about you, maybe even higher to be honest.

      • One week down. I’ll track another week and maybe you could give me some input?

        I set my calorie goal a little low at 2200 for now with Pro/CHO/Fat at 220/110/98.

        If you want to see how I’ve done so far, it’s public. You can flip through the days:

        Is this a good place to ask for input, or would you prefer it at SS?

        I appreciate all the good info. I bookmarked your summary in Tom’s log 🙂


      • I’ve been keeping tabs on you :-). Here or there is fine but perhaps in your log would be better so others can see. Put down the green monsters lol

    • I don’t think much of it, not because I don’t agree- because I DO on a certain level, but just that this approach has its limits. It is, however, the correct approach for an underweight male trying to get bigger/stronger/_____’er. This just isn’t the path to optimizing results, as I’m sure Wolf would agree. The audience for that post is most likely a novice/early intermediate, to whom his advice is sage. I’ll follow up in your log good buddy.

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