Take the Stairs

Take the stairs (or hill) and get after it.

Take the stairs has been a concept I’ve been thinking about for the past few months and I finally decided to do a short blog post about it. The concept is essentially this, any choice that comes your way during the day take the harder option, i.e. take the stairs. In the military this is sometimes referred to “the hard route” and my contention is that by consistently “taking the stairs” will force positive adaptations in all aspects of life, especially those that are character related.

It’s not even noon yet and I can think of three different ways I’ve already “taken the stairs” today:

1. Woke up at 6am to make 4 meals (breakfast + 3 packed meals) so I could eat well today. The easier option would have clearly been to just skip this and purchase food as I go and try to stick to healthy options. Yea waking up early and cooking was not pleasant but my energy, body comp, and guilt (lulz) levels are all better. I’m ready to squat this evening thanks to some food prep. +1 on the day.

2. Walked to class. I could have taken the car as I was running late, but yea a little extra walking never hurt anyone. +2 for calories burnt.

3. Started work right after we got out of a quiz we had this morning. Instead of commiserating and spending time in the past (thinking about my answers) I booted up the computer and started firing off emails and writing a new article for the website. +3 for productivity!

While these are all little things and totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things, the “taking the stairs” mantra is in effect 100%. It’s the little things that make up the big things and if you want significant change then you’ve gotta start somewhere, right? So, how are you going to start “taking the stairs” to take your training, nutrition, and life to the next level?



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An aspiring physician, I've been involved in the strength and conditioning world for over 5 years now in a professional sense. I started this blog with some like-minded individuals to share our thoughts on training, nutrition, lifestyle, medicine, health, and everything in between.

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