28 Days Out….

Yep, that’s right….there’s 28 days until Christmas, arguably the peak of the Winter holiday season. Do you have a training guru or fitness buff you’re trying to buy a gift for? Well look no further, I’ve got you covered. In this series of posts I’ll offer up a few suggestions for your fitness-minded friends…

1) Lifting Shoes 90-200.00

Power Perfect 2.0- 150.00

Having the proper shoes to lift are a game changer for most lifters. Adidas, the foremost shoe manufacturer in weightlifting, makes some of the best shoes out there. The Powerlift version is 90 dollars and is an excellent shoe. The AdiPower is a more serious shoe running about 200 bucks, but incorporates all the bells and whistles of a high-end shoe. If you have a wide foot the Powerlift will still work for you (previous generations of Adidas were not wide-foot friendly). Get the serious trainee something they should have done for themselves a long time ago, the right shoes. The best part about this gift? They’ll last for years and years to come!

2) Iron Woody Fractional Plates– $50.00

Ask anyone who’s been training for a long time what the hardest part about training is and they’ll say progression. Progression (more weight or reps or both) is the name of the game when it comes to getting better, but all too often the smallest jump that people can make is 5lbs, which may be too much on exercises like the bench press, press, etc. Enter the fractional plates! With this kit you can make as little as 0.5 lb jumps total and keep the progression going. I’ve used these “plates” with virtually all my clients and myself and consider them a staple in my gym bag. These are an important accoutrement for all lifters!
Happy shopping!


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