21 Days Out

More holiday gift ideas!

1) Band Pack – 75.00

Bands on bands on bands

Bands on bands on bands

Elite FTS periodically puts their bands on sale and the holiday season is one of those times! Popularized by Westside Barbell training, these bands are so versatile that you’d be remiss to not have a pair! If you’re a serious trainee then the bands can be used to add resistance (accommodating resistance) to help blast through weak points. Additionally, the bigger bands (strong and medium bands) can be used for reverse band squats, deadlifts, and bench presses to offer the unique ability to overload the exercises. One of the best uses for the bands does not utilize them in conjunction with a barbell, however. Instead, bands can be used to offer distraction forces for various joints during mobilization drills for the shoulder, hip, knee, etc. Bottom line, a set of bands is a worthwhile investment for almost all trainees except for the neophyte.

2) Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity by Mark Rippetoe- Kindle Edition 7.99

Now on Kindle!

Now on Kindle!

Any easy to read title, now on Kindle for less than ten doll hairs! Definitely worthy of a read. These conversations are both hilarious and informative. Check it out.



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