18 Days Out…

Keeping it rolling with some more gift ideas for the serious (or soon-to-be serious) trainee on you holiday list…

1) Best Belts Lifting Belt– 78.00-88.00

The Prime Cut belt

The Prime Cut belt

Belts have gotten a bad rap in recent times. Some (uninformed) people contend that lifting without a belt is somehow superior than to utilizing one of the oldest tools in a lifters’ arsenal. The fact of the matter is, a belt allows a lifter to actually contract their abs harder by giving them a surface to contract against Once this tactile cue is used by the lifter, his or her abdominal contraction without a belt is also increased since they now know how to really contract their abs. Additionally, for anyone who has ever dealt with a back issue, a belt is just a smart precaution and should be used for almost every set of every barbell exercise. The belt just offers that tactile cue for keeping tight, the abs engaged, and back from moving under load. There are many belts to choose from and you’ll want to get the right one for your recipient. Women will likely be better suited to a 3″ belt, general strength trainees will likely appreciate a 4″ single prong belt that’s 10mm thick, and the most competitive lifters will want the 13mm single prong belt that’s 4″ wide all the way around. Tapered belts aren’t too useful except in some Olympic lifting populations and some people prefer them for bench press only. If you’re in this for the long run or someone on your holiday list is, give them the gift of belt!

2) Deadlift Loading Ramps– 129.99

DEADZONE Ramps 3One of the biggest hassles when training is loading the deadlift with progressively more and more weight ( you are using more weight, right?) and having to partially lift the whole barbell and plates off the floor on one side to get another plate on the bar. This can be potentially stressful and injurious to the person doing the loading since it’s hard to get into a good position to do this. Enter the deadlift loading ramp. These cast aluminum ramps allow the lifter to roll the barbell and plates onto the ramp, load the additional plates without having to scoot them against the floor, and then roll the barbell and plates off. No muss, no fuss. Check out the video!



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