Big Things Popping

It’s a big month for FitCoach athletes…Here’s a run down:

1) Chad Crawford and Mark Weishaar : Professional Supercross

I’ve been working with these guys since early December getting them ready for the 2013 250sx East Regional Series. For those of you who aren’t in the know, motocross and it’s flashy brethren, supercross, may just be the hardest sport out there. It certainly requires a super high level of conditioning, skill, and testicular fortitude (or ovarian fortitude) to be successful. They’ll be down in Dallas, TX representing their team, 2 Dudes in a Tundra and St. Louis, MO so here’s a big shout out to these guys. Good luck, focus, and all the training we’ve done together is about to pay off big time!

2) Gillian Mounsey: Raw Unity Meet- Powerlifting

You can view the video below to see Gillian squatting (then me) and read more about what I’m helping her out with here.

Basically, we’re running a short meet prep nutritional protocol that will allow her to drop about 10-15lbs in 2 weeks to improve her chances of winning big at the Raw Unity Meet.

3) Billy Marshall: CrossFit Open

My man, Billy, has been killing it lately. He’s the guy I’m programming for getting him ready for the CrossFit open. You can check the archives for what his training cycles have been looking like.

Billy is a 185lb’er and will most likely PR his clean and jerk at 335, snatch at 280, and improve his conditioning at the same time. He’s all signed up for the open so big shout out to Billy to crush it after the deload.

4) Me: Duh.

The Arnold Sports Festival is about 2.5 weeks away and I’m just getting ready to finish up my final heavy week. I PR’ed my deadlift by about 50lbs (for a gym deadlift) when I hit 590 x 1

I also did my old 1RM squat (440) for a double, so things are looking up! I need to hit a 1396 total for my official elite status so why don’t we just call it even and make it 1400?

At any rate, I’m super proud of all my athletes and I’m looking forward to doing big things this month and next month!


PS: 5) My client Juho from Finland, just killed it on the erg last week by setting new PRs in his events. Look for him to be doing very big things on the international stage very soon.


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