Getting Your Squat Up

Sorry for the long video, but I really got going!


3 thoughts on “Getting Your Squat Up

  1. Good information! I would guess that having two competitions under my belt I am no longer considered a beginner. I always need help with getting my squat on. One of my difficulties is knowing when I am below parallel. I tend to sit there for a second which makes it more difficult to get out of the hole. I don’t always understand some of the terms used but I always find something useful to apply to my situation. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for this, Jordan.
    I can certainly see where you were going with the suggestion that I dial back the volume a bit on my Texas Method program.
    When I went back over my logs, it appears I was wrong to switch to the 4-day split and should have stayed with the 3-day standard TM split. More squat frequency, not less, was working better. Now that I am switching back to the 3-day to focus on getting my squat back up, I might play a bit with the pause squat on recovery days as I tend to fall apart (forward) in the bottom on intensity day.
    I would agree with you regarding the Box Squat as well. When I have tweaked my knee in the past, I have used the box to keep squatting until my knee felt strong enough to free squat again.

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