Get Your Pull Up

9 thoughts on “Get Your Pull Up

  1. What kind of weight dropoff would one be looking at if they added like 2 sets of deficit pulls after they pulled their heavy set and they were smart?

  2. I’m 5’9, 190 pounds. My DL is stuck at 315 and my PC at 135. Been training for 6 month on SS. Is that weak and is the PC too low compared to the DL?

    • Well the important thing is that it’s getting stronger weekly. You likely need to continue to work on PC form to keep those numbers going up, but you should pull 405 x5 in 6 months, which will help the pc too.

      • Thank you for the answer.

        On another note, you seem to have good aesthetics along with great strength. Do you do any body building or does strenght training alone can make you look good?

      • Thanks man. I pretty much stick to heavy lifting on the main movements and do sets of 6-15 on lighter stuff. I find that increased volume, regardless of rep ranges tends to help me grow during high volume blocks.

  3. Jordan you video blogs are gold! Although it would be nice to be able to find them in the menu vs having to scroll down a massive page to find them.

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