Teaching the Barbell Back Squat: Part 1

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An aspiring physician, I've been involved in the strength and conditioning world for over 5 years now in a professional sense. I started this blog with some like-minded individuals to share our thoughts on training, nutrition, lifestyle, medicine, health, and everything in between.

7 thoughts on “Teaching the Barbell Back Squat: Part 1

  1. LOL! I didn’t notice it the first time I watch it. After watching it the second time, I feel I’ve been subtly trolled. Nice vid.

  2. Hey Jordan! Nice, short video – thumbs up. Do you have any plans on publishing Part 2 of this series? I have trouble getting my girlfriend to squat properly. The unweighted squat like in your first video is no problem, but as soon as we add the bar things go to shit. Knees start caving in, she squats high, drifts forward during the last part of the descent.

    I’m looking forward to Part 2, hopefully some good tips on how to proceed when adding the bar.

    • Hey Rob, sorry man- I stopped working with the company whom I filmed this video series for and they own the content. I can film a little impromptu version the next time I coach someone!

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