Food is Medicine Power Point Presentation

Hey everyone, you can access my power point presentation from the FIM lecture today. I will be making a YouTube video with the slideshow + narration over the next few days. Until then, sit tight!

Link to PowerPoint

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An aspiring physician, I've been involved in the strength and conditioning world for over 5 years now in a professional sense. I started this blog with some like-minded individuals to share our thoughts on training, nutrition, lifestyle, medicine, health, and everything in between.

5 thoughts on “Food is Medicine Power Point Presentation

  1. Nice. My feedback: edit slide 14 to make it clearer that the two sentences are talking about the same thing. I.e., modify what you say about weightlifting to follow exactly the same template as for soccer: “Competitive weightlifting= 0.006 injuries per participation hour”. Slide 15 is not readable.

  2. Good stuff.

    Is there an official training version of Orthorexia?

    There was a guy on the SS forums questioning if helping a friend carry a washing machine up a flight of stairs would mess with his gainz. I’ve heard lots of similar crap.

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